Presently our environment consists of one W3K R2 Server with Desktop
management components - Ver 7 with SP1 (NAL,Remote control, workstation
import & removal only) and another Windows server with middletier server
to manage PC's without Novell client (with DMA only). The present
environment handles about 5000+ workstations (entirely Windows XP SP2 or
W2K professional)

Now management has agreed to move the Zen services to Netware Server 6.5
SP5. Now I intend to install DM components on NW 6.5 SP5 and retire old
Windows Server. Is there anything I need to take care during this
migration. Is NAL/Remote control service anyway depend on Zen server ? I
will change ZENWSIMPORT alias in DNS server to point to new server, as far
as work station import service is concerned.

Is there anything in Application distribution service, or remote control
that is tied to original Zen server. We are not using imaging or inventory
yet. One reason to migrate Zen components for implementing these services.
Specifically existing Workstation/application objects or policies or
imported workstation objects will anyway be affected by this migration ?
Do I need to update any objects or policies ? At this moment we use text
files reporting for application distribution. We don't use Zenworks
database component, even though it is configured.

Any feedback on this will be appreciated.