I have installed Zenworks 7 middle tier on 2 windows 2003 ent sp2 servers
configured with Network Load Balancing. The zfd 7.1.4 agent points to the
cluster IP address.. The 2 windows boxes are not domain controllers and
simply have a novell client installed 4.91 sp3 with Zen 7 MT hp 5 - I can
confirm Zen MT is running.

When loggin into a desktop without a novell client, the Zenworks login
screen appears and I have enter the full context of the edirectory user
and the password to login. LDAP doesn't seem be able to search or find the
user - only the one username exists in edirectory.

I have checked the LDAP port in NSADMIN on the middle tier server and it
is set to 636

I have looked at our LDAP servers - we have roughly 10 LDAP server objects
and each server uses the default ports for LDAP on both the general tab
and ssl tab.

This all works in a test environment which has a different tree and
zenworks install but when following the same steps in our production
network, this problem occurs?

Can anyone help please?