We have Zenworks for desktops 7.0 SP1 installed on Netware 6.5 server and
we would like implement application reporting with Sybase database. If I
understand correctly, in ZFD ver. 7.0 it is posible only with Sybase ?
Right ?
Our inventory database now is configured with Oracle and located on
different dtabase server.
We have remain sybase service startup file mgmtdbs.ncf :

load ZEN:ZENworksDatabaseDBEnginedbsrv8 -gss 512k -gn 50 -c 128M -tl 300
-ti 0 -m -n -x tcpip -qp ZEN:ZENworksDatabaseInvDBmgmtdb.db

It working fine, with nal.db located on Zenworks server, but we would like
to realocate location of nal.db to different Netware server due to
problems with disk space, without reinstallation of our current Zenwork
Is it possible to define database options within mgmtdbs.ncf , if it will
point to nal.db on different server ?

Thank you in advance,