I should have thought about this forum early on. Anyways, allow me to
state my problems below:

1) I am supposed to set up an environment for a catholic school where a
server can distribute applications to workstations. Also, it can serve as
a file server for students to use. Therefore, I want to know if ZENworks
Desktop Management is the correct software to be installed on the server.

2) Also, which is the best operation system I should begin with? Suse 9.0?
Windows 2000 or 2003 server? I tried to set up ZENworks Desktop Management
on both operating systems which are Suse 9.0 and Windows 2003 server. I am
not able to locate any files that allows me to configure or run ZENworks
Desktop Management.

3) I wonder if you can tell me or give me a very good link that I can do
step by step installation of ZENworks products on the server I have been
working past a week to acheive my goal of having the server be able to do
functions like I have stated above. I would appreciate if anyone can reply
back to me about it as soon as possible about it. Thank you very much