Hi All,

I have an NDS network. We are in the process of implementing a Citrix solution.

The Citrix boxes (3 total) are all running PS 4.0 on W2k3 servers.

We do not have, nor do we want at this time, an AD tree or domain or whatever M$ is calling it. We do have an existing NT4 domain.

In setting up the Citrix boxes and the farm integration we have followed this document: http://www.novell.com/documentation/...ntegration.pdf with good results.

The problem we are facing is how to keep passwords synched between NDS and all three Citrix boxes. For example, if a user has an NDS password of Password1 and then launches a Citrix delivered app from Citrix PS server 1, the user will get created by Zenworks on the server with that same password. The next time the user launches the app he gets pushed to Citrix PS server 2 and he gets created on that server with the same password. Now months go by and the user has been forced to change his NDS password twice. He has always connected to Citrix PS server 1 to launch the app so he has managed to keep the passwords synched between NDS and Citrix PS server 1. However one day he launches the app and is pushed to Citrix PS server 2 which is 2 passwords behind and he can't remember his password and then the phone calls start and we play the "Guess what my password was 6 months ago" game.

Is there a way to create the user on the Citrix box with a blank password and to always pass along a blank password when connecting to Citrix?

I would guess this applies to regular workstations as well as Citrix boxes.