Hi all,

This one is about to drive me over the edge, so any input is very welcome!

I have a W2003K R2 SP2 box with AD installed. On this I have installed eDir 8.8, C32 v. 4.91SP4 & ZfD7 SP1 R2 and also need the middletier since we have no Client32 on the workstations.
So I install the Xtier on the server, and installation goes fine. I am aware that since I have eDir & AD on the same box, I need to change eDir LDAP settings to 390/637 - but this I think, is less relevant for my issue.

The problem is, that when attempting to browse to "http://serverip/oneNet/xtier-stats" I just get a "Page cannot be found" message in my browser. If I try "http://serverip/oneNet/nsadmin" I'm actually being prompted for a username, and after valid (eDir) authentication, I again receive "Page cannot be found".

Now - I have checked the ISAPI-filter, and have green arrow pointing up in there. Also I'm sure the webserver is responding, as I get a "Under construction" page when calling just and do get my content, when browsing other URL's on the server ...

I have worked my way through http://support.novell.com/docs/Tids/.../10073537.html, but not found a solution for this.

One more thing - the webserver was allready installed and running when we started - and still does. Only thing not working, is the xtier/onenet part...

Any suggestions/ideas?

Help! ;)

Henrik Holm Nielsen