Hello all.

I've run into an odd problem that's causing login issues on a certain
build of computer we've got.

After imaging the PC and beginning customization, the ZFD Management Agent
is installed. It is version This version is working fine on 'all'
other PCs in the company.

This group of machines will successfully install the agent, but it will
not allow login from the initial login screen.

Passive mode is set to 0. The middle tier address resolves quickly from a
command prompt. The MT port number is listed correctly in the registry.

Now HERE's the odd part. If you accept the "Would you like to log into
Windows?" message, the PC logs into the domain fine. After a period of
time (5 minutes or so), you can open the NAL Application window, select
File and ZENworks Middle Tier Login. No login screen appears, and the NAL
window refreshes, and it appears to log in! The NAL window populates, and
all assigned apps begin to run.

I've enabled logging, but haven't found anything in plain english to see
what's wrong. I'll dig into the log files more tomorrow, but does anybody
have any ideas??

Thanks in advance!