Installing ZFD7 into Windows only environment. Have already installed NWC,
Identity Manager, EDir and ConsoleOne. Confirmed that DS accounts are
created/replicated in either direction between NDS and AD. Passwords are

I run the ZFD CD1 server install. Extended the schema. Install hangs
before it completes. I have tried the install from the 2003SP1 server
console and from my XP workstation.

The last install I tried by not selecting any additional components for the
ZFD server. The install runs through the file copy process completely.
Shows "installing public" then "mapping drive" then "Install Anywhere". At
that point it seems to finish the file copy and switches to the final
install screen where it hangs. Goes to "not responding". I have already
disabled Trend Micro AV at the server.

The only open file I see on the server (on my user ID) is "\PIPE\winreg".

Any idea's??