I read through the documentation on multi casting and then set about
creating a session. I first tried to do it from the server object, but
the two clients came up "waiting for master" and then did nothing. I had
set it to wait for two clients or 9999 minutes.

I then tried to initiate a manual session for two client or 5 minutes, but
again, the clients sat there. When I hit abort on the clients, the server
ABEND'ed. I asked our networking group to configure mcast on the
switches. We have a 6509 that the imaging server is plugged directly
into, and then fiber to a 3548 where the workstations are to be imaged.

Is there a way to definitively say whether it's the network or the server?
Are there any settings I should be looking at? like pdhcp.ini? Thanks.

Chandler Bing