I'm testing the upgrade of ZFD 4.0.1 IR6 to Zen Desktop Management 7 SP1 Release 2. The upgrade at the server end went fine, but upgrading the agent on our test workstation hangs.

The workstation is from a standard build image, and it's a typical workstation in terms of hardware. It's running XP SP2 with Novell client 4.91 SP3. All our workstations run at the same OS and client version.

First off, I created an application object from the MSI, set it to force cache, as per instructions, associated it with the user and force ran it via NAL. The UI level was set as "Progress". The ZEN 4 app launcher fired up after login, and the agent upgrade started running. About 50% along, the progress bar stopped moving and nothing happened. In the background, the ZEN 4 app launcher stayed at the splash screen too, not completing loading. After 5 minutes of this, I shut down the workstation. After reboot, nothing ZEN-related loaded after login, and add/remove programs didn't have ZEN 4 or 7 agent listed.

I manually reran this MSI, which told me a previous install had not completed, and that its actions needed to be undone. I answered "yes" to this, the installer ran through a couple of steps, and then I rebooted as requested. After reboot, I manually reran the install again, but each time, it just stops with the progress bar at around 50%. Task Manager reveals that there are several msiexec instances running, but more importantly, a regsvr32 process sitting there as the install hangs.

I can't find anything on the knowledgebase that seems to relate to this - does anyone out there have any ideas? I'm completely stumped.