I have recently begun to install Zenworks 7.0, I had Zenworks 4.0 down to
a "T", but this has gotten alot more complex than I expected. I installed
Edirectory 8.8.1 on a SuSE Linux Enterprise Server with default settings
as per doc. I installed ZEN7_with_SP1_DesktopMgmt, everything installed
correctly, created the Samba share for the Windows Group Policies created
the Windows GroupPolicy no problem. I tried importing the workstation
manually, but got a cannot find an import policy error, looked on the net
and found a patch for Zenworks Desktop Management on Linux (ZDLM_SP1_HP6
from July 2007) that resolves that issue. I was able to import no
problem, but now I am having al kinds of problems with the Inventory
portion of Zenworks Desktop Management, I can't believe the amount of
patches for this stuff... I looked once again at the docs when I installed
the Zenworks Desktop Management and found that the Samba Server had to be
enabled for the Inventory to find the ScanDIr on the Linux Server, but I
have had no luck collecting the workstations inventory... any ideas and
what are all the steps to get this thing running?

Thank you..