We recently purchased a new batch of computers. After loading all the
motherboard drivers and then installing the zen agent, we reboot. The
initial windows xp loading screen shows up as normal, but then goes
black, as usual right before it displays the novell login window. The
login screen never shows up, no cursor, just a black screen.

To recover, we have to restart the machine and go back to Last known
good configuration, but, as expected, zenworks does not work after we
go back.

However, if we first load the OS, novell client, then the NIC card
driver, then install Zen, then the motherboard drivers, all seems fine
and works as expected.

Has anyone else experience similar issues, know the cause or
resolution. As we are just starting to deploy zen to the desktops, we
need it to load onto an existing computer, without rebuilding it from

(We are using Zen 7 w/ HP6. The macines are running WinXP Pro w/ SP2
and all updates.)