Hi NG,

I find a failure to configure the Database in Console One -> Tools ->
Inventory -> Configure Database
When I try to connect to my SYBASE SQL Inv Database installed on a OES Linux
SP1 I will get the following error: Cannot connect to database, please
verify your settings in the Inventory Object.
When I try to connect by ODBC or have a look at the Log Files on my OES
Linux, I see that everything is configured correctly.
When I right click on the Inv Database in the "Inventory Service View" I can
read all my entries of the Database

My Environment:

ConsoleOne 1.3.6d with the default snapins of ZDM 7.
Server: Netware OES ( Imaging )
Linux OES SP1: all other ZDM Services

Is it a bug?

Christian Mies
mailto: cmies-no@spam-gne.de