Having issue with an initial workstation inventory scan. New install of
Zen7 on 6.5SP4a server.
Workstation import OK. Inventory and DB services start normally.
Workstaion inventory scanning never takes place. Force full inventory
scan from C1 doesn't work.

Tried launching ZfDInvScanner.exe at workstation. Inventory is stored
successfully however error 028 Unable to read the SCANDIR directory
information from inventory policy appears in workstation log.
Checked Inventory service properties - OK. Also granted trustee rights to
SCANDIR directory for workstation object.

Also in properties of Inventory Service, an error occurs when selecting
the software inventory configuration tab: Unable to read Zenworks
software dictionary. Reinstall ZenWorks 6.5 inventory server.

Have reinstalled Zen7 on server. No install errors. Workstation inventory
scan still not happening.....

Appreciate any suggestions.