This is what i see in the storer everytime one of my Zen7 servers trys to
store in the database

Storer: started storing 0013215C43B7_1114023515000_127.STR (224846 bytes)
Error in parsing: Section at the offset 000028ca may be incorrect
Storer: Full scan will be initiated on

It will repeat doing this for every workstation it trys to scan...\

I have reinstalled Zenworks Inventory including Sybase, but it ends up
doing the same exact thing again. What is going on here?

And i checked TIDs but only one i can find is TID10094083 and it does not

Server NW 6.5 sp3
Sybase 8.0.2

XP sp2 with Client 4.91 sp1
98se with Client 3.4

Zenworks agent