K, I installed ZEN 7 on a new server several months ago. I had it
working on another server. I just moved the databases and installed ZEN7
on the new server. We were in the middle of a move from one location
to another so I didn't have time to really make sure it was working. We
moved the database to another container for organization purposes.

Now it's several months later and I am back to getting this function
working again. I started today looking into it. I'm very new to
Inventory so forgive any lack of understanding I might have.

If I kick off a manual inventory scan the data shows up in eDirectory,
but it never makes it to the database. At the server console, on the
Inventory Service Screen, I am getting the message:

Trying to connect to Master XML Server...

I did move the database from the original container with the server to a
dedicted container for databases. I ensured that the policies "Server
Package" and "Service Location Package" were poinint to the correct
object. I also ensured that:

ZENVol\ZENworks\Database\Inv\DB\InvConfig.properti es

was poinint to the correct container and Inventory object.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


John Jakus