All of my workstation containsers, have their own workstation package.
Everyone of them will perform inventory scanning and correctly populate
the storer->database. I have one Workstations container that will not,
even though it's configured like all the others. In fact, when a
workstation is popped in this container, it doesn't even start scanning
when it's supposed to (Event->System Startup. )

I can move this workstation around to other containers, and it will see
whatever workstation policy is associated with it, and perform the scan.
I know it's not an association problem. It just seems like the
workstation isn't looking at the policy for a particular container,
because there's no errors in c:\zenworks\zenerrors.log

Any ideas? I don't think it's a rights issue to
sys:\zenworks\inv\scandir, because the scan doesn't start.

I've also tried putting other machines in this container, but they don't
scan either.