I now have zenworks inventory up and running with 4 servers. All four have
the inventory service and one has the sybase DB on it, which they all
store their data in. Everything appears to work. Workstations are being
scanned and added to the DB by all of the servers.

I downloaded consoleone 1.36e and the zenworks snapins. I installed the
Sybase ODBC driver from the zenworks 6.5 (IIRC) cd's (since it was
conveniently not included with 7,) and the Reporting tool works now.
The database backup and data export tools both bring up dialogs like they
should, as do all the other menu items EXCEPT Quick report and Inventory
Query, which do absolutely nothing. Clicking on them doesn't bring up an
error message or even make the hard drive light blink.

I also installed the desktop management agent from the zen7 discs and
updated the novell client to 4.91 sp2, if that matters.