Looking through this forum I see similar posts to the problem I am having: Inventory Service fails to start and gives me a 603 error. The logs say the Inventory Service object is not properly configured but I cannot find anything about the config of the Inventory Service object that appears wrong and cannot find anything about error type 15.

[3/2/06 13:32:18.428] ZENInv - Service Loader: Inv Server not configured properly. Error code: 603
[3/2/06 13:32:18.431] ZENInv - Service Loader: Error Type 15 Error 603
[3/2/06 13:32:18.491] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Messages are written into XML file for DN=CN=Inventory Service_Macon3.O=Tigers
[3/2/06 13:33:52.689] ZENInv - Service Loader: Exception while getting/adding status record in ServerCommonStatusLogger.com.novell.zenworks.deskt op.inventory.statuslog.ZENStatusException: Error in reading the NDS
[3/2/06 13:33:52.689] ZENInv - Service Loader: Error Type 15 Error 603

Zen 7 on a NW6.5.5 server.