I am finally trying to get my inventory server problems cleared up. I
started by purging the database following the TIDS for that. While
looking at the status for the Inventory Service I noticed that I had
alot of Message: 2760 errors about No update policy found. I went
into the server package and enabled the dictionary update and
configured it to talk to the only server I have with Zenworks
Inventory files installed (It was installed as a standalone), I did
not click on the use rollup server because I don't have one. Instead
I manually configured the server based on what I found in the
documents. When I restarted the service (for good measure) I get
Message: 2764 errors about the machine being configured to receive
dictionary updates from itself.

Was I better off not configuring this policy? As a standalone server
I am confused why it is complaining about this at all.