zfd7 on nw65sp4a inventory won't...inventory. can't force a scan,
workstation shows nothing in the way of info, minimal or otherwise, zen
inventory query comes up with "database empty".

Objects correctly point to the database, workstations import okay so that
much is going. I came across an earlier post on this forum where the guy
noted that his log files weren't showing him anything...I can't even find
any log files either on the workstation or the server...That guy stated he
had to associate his container with a search policy...well I did that and
still have no joy.

Most of the replies on this zen7 forum are pointing to docs and tids that
date back to zen4...has so little changed? Can I count on those docs to
be accurate? I sure don't care for the version 7 ones...links all over
the place but no real info...

Anyway where do I begin to unravel and debug?