We are currently using zenworks 7 desktop management and all is working well
on the inventory side , but in order for me to install our new GroupWise 7 I
was looking to use disk usage by file extension so I could get a report on
the actual size of outlook PST files on the users workstation,this would
enable me to prioritize the roll out of the client, now I have read through
the docs but I cant seem to get this to work, this is what I have tried so
fare -

Software inv configuration - disk usage - edit table - I have added this

Pattern type = Expandable expression - File extensions = PST

Filters - disk usage scanning filters - Drives and directories -

Edit table -

Scan directories

Pattern Type = System expandable expression - Platform = Windows -
Directories = C:\Documents and Settings

Scan Drives

Pattern type = System expandable expression - Platform = windows - drive =

Software Scanning filters - file extensions - edit table

Scan file Extensions -

Pattern Type = Expandable expression - file extension = PST
Pattern Type = Regular expression - file extension = [PST|PST] (this may or
may not be needed)

As I have said this is zenworks 7 for desktops management its an upgrade
from 6.5 which in turn was upgraded from 4.01.

Everything out of the box is working great its just this feature that I cant
seem to get working -

If I run disk usage report its empty when I check the tables in Sybase they
are also empty ?

any help