Using ZDM 7 on Netware 6.5. I'm trying to think of a way to export the inventory data
in such a way that information of each workstation would be in a separate .xml file. I
would then run this export process nightly from crontab using dbexport.ncf. Currently
I can think of two ways.

1. Define separate .exp file for each workstation and create a big .ncf file with
lines such as
dbexport machine1.exp machine1.xml
dbexport machine2.exp machine2.xml
Then run this .ncf from crontab.

This solution is not so good, since it involves a lot of manual work initially creating
the .exp files and later keeping things up to date as machines are added/removed/renamed.

2. Export all data into one .xml file and then use something like Perl to parse this
information out into separate files. This would look quite promising if only I were
an experienced Perl programmer :)

Before I start learning Perl to implement solution #2, I wanted to ask - maybe Zen
has some "built-in" way to achieve this, which I haven't found yet?

Thanks in advance,