I'd experimenting with ZenWorks Inventory and I'd like to use MSSQL as
our DB. I've followed the directions in the documentation to setup the
db on the Windows server and manually create the Database object in
eDir. I've also changed the Service Location Package to point to the
new DB object. I'm pretty sure eDir is talking to the DB correctly as I
can "configure" it successfully in C1. The problem is when I start the
Inventory service it still tries to connect to the old Sybase DB and
double clicking on the Inventory Service Object still shows a red line
connecting it to the old Sybase DB. What further steps do I need to
take to get the SQL db active?

Also, since we're still in the test phase, we may need to delete and
re-import all of our workstations as I'm not sure we have our naming
scheme finalized. Will we need to clear out the db as well? If so, how
do we best do that.