Sorry not sure which part of the zenworks post to post this in, gonna post
it into all of the ones that pertains to zenworks.

We just ran into a problem today at work, where creating this super image
that we've done alot of customizing to, the problem is that where using
Dell Optiplex GX520 machines for the image but we just noticed today that
the older GX520 we ordered earlier in the year are like using Bios version
A02 and the new GX520 is using bios version A05. Now we got 300 new GX520
machines ariving next week that have bios revision A07 on them. Because we
tested this out by updating the machine with the older bios to the A05
bios and added the image to it that was created on the computer with the
A05 bios, that machine then did what we wanted it to do. My question is
can you use Zenworks some where to have it update all of the GX520 Bios
out there to the newest build A07. These machines are all enabled with PXE.