I'm not sure if this is a GroupWise problem or a ZEN inventory problem.

Using GroupWise 6.5.6

It shows up in Add/Remove programs as simply: GroupWise

In a ZEN 7.0 (no SP1) inventory (ZEN 7 agent as well), it does not show
up under Novell Incorporated, but it shows up under: Others

Further it has NO version information at all (in fact, it's rather

so I guess:

is this a ZEN issue (and if so, is it fixed in SP1)?

or is this a GroupWise issue?

Or do I need to configure the inventory scanner differently (it's just
that it takes a LONG time to scan if you don't limit it to add/remove
programs--compared to other software inventory scanners).

No, we don't have ZAM in place yet (waiting to beta test the next