When we first rolled out ZDM7, we imported the workstations into the
same container where the users were. Now we want to move them into
specific subcontainers of these containers.

I've modified the workstation import policy accordingly (for new
workstations), but I was hoping I could just move the existing objects
into another container, without needing to re-import them. However, this
approach seems to cause problems with inventory.

Immediately after moving the objects, the inventory information cannot
be viewed, C1 gives the error message "Inventory is not present in the
database". I was expecting this, since the full DN of workstation object
has changed. However, I was hoping that this situation will be fixed
after the next inventory scan. This is not the case. The inventory scan
of moved worstations ran tonight, but ConsoleOne still says that
"Inventory is not present in the database" for these moved workstations.
Do I need to re-import all the workstations or am I missing something

Toomas Aas