We are running NetWare 6.5 SP5, Zenwork for Desktops 7.01 on one server
and have an external SLES 9 server running our Oracle 10g Database. I gave
out DBA the install scripts from the Companion Downloads he says the
database is up and listening.

When I start the Inventory Server I get connected to the database but have
several errors in the startup, then the following error will
cycle “Storer: Database not initialized as it is being upgraded… will try
after 300 seconds” This is a new database.

I turned debugging on when running StartInv.ncf and found more Oracle
ORA-00001, ORA-00942, ORA-00904

Our DBA says he wipes the DB and reran the manually install and I still
get these problems. I’ve looked through and tried most, if now all, TIDS
and Forums on the web. Any help is appreciated.