We have several leaf servers running Sybase, with a roll up policy to a root
server running the main office here, which uses SQL 2000 as it's database.
The roll up policy seems to be working, and the inventory screen on the root
server is showing that it's storing information from the leaf servers.

I can run the ConfigureDB option in C1 to all of the leaf (Sybase) servers
and run some reports fine. However, when I point it to the root server
object, I get an error that it is

'Unable to connect to the Inventory database.
Ensure that the database object properties are set properly and
Database is up and running'

There is data going into the SQL server, as I used MS Access to create a
remote link to some of the tables, and I could see some data there - so I
think that the SQL/ODBC drivers are working ok.

Any suggestions as to what I don't have set up properly?