was ZfD6.5Sp2 on the NW6.5SP5 (used sybaes)
Upgade to the ZfD7Sp1
Run C1, open object:
Desktop Management Database_GRAD.dntsk.ami
select: RM Audit
And have Error screen with this info:
1709: Unable to retrieve information from the database because of one or
more of the following reason:
1. The database you are trying to access is not an inventory datatabase.
2. The database you are trying to access is an older version of the
Inventory database. Migrate the exiting inventory information from a
ZENworks for Dektop 3.x database to ZENworks for Desktop 4 database.
If i do this with object:
Inventory Database_GRAD.dntsk.ami - all OK see records:
Maximum number of records per workstation:100
Expire time (i days): 180

Why this ?

What can i do for resolver ?