I have ZDM7 w/SP1 on OES Sp2,and refering ZDM7 Admin Guide 76.7 & 76.7.1
for try to remove inventoried workstations which were manual deleted.
I use NDS Lookup for DB Utility to generate a list,and copy the list to
invenotryremovallist.txt....and I start the Inventory Removal Service.
I view /var/log/novell/zenworks/inv/novell-zdm-inv.log,it show some
message below

Inventory Removal Service started
Inventory Removal Service stopped
Storer: started storing 123456789012_1162865019526_001.STR (300 bytes)
Error in parsing:Since Workstation is absent in Database,Delete/Delta
scan files are ignored

I try these steps on Windows Platform,ir work fine...
What step do I ignore ??