I've been evaluating ZEN Asset Inventory and am confused on several fronts.
Let me first state my goal - I want to use ZEN7 to get basic hardware
information as well as what software is installed on all workstations
across my LAN. I really don't care about alerts to me when new software is
installed. I want to be able to run a report that shows hardware/software
information and what level of software versions are installed. With that
goal in mind...

First, I use Thunderbird to access many of the Novell Support forums.
However, I do not see this support forum through NNTP - only through HTTP.
There is a NNTP subscription offering through
novell.support.zenworks.asset-namagement.asset-inventory but when I
subscribe to it, I get an error that it does not appear to exist on the
host support-forums.novell.com. What gives?

Second, I am confused on the differences between the Desktop Management
database that is installed (or optionally installed) through ZEN7 Desktop
Management and creates database objects in my tree and the ZEN7 Asset
Inventory that only runs on Windows and has nothing to do with the tree.
Are the two exclusive or complementary? Is there an option to install
Inventory on a Linux box? Can I do what I want to do using the Desktop
Management database or do I need Asset Inventory/Management?

Third, I am confused on the network discovery process. I have run a
discovery on my subnet. When I look at Network Discovery on
the web console, some workstations are listed in Device List\All
Types\Windows and others (on the same LAN/subnet) are listed in Device
List\All Types\Other Ungrouped. Why?

Fourth, when I drill down to the Details screen of a workstation that has
the client installed (that I installed from the Asset Inventory CD), it
lists the ZENworks Asset Management Client and gives me a link of Pre-3.00.
When I click that link, I get "Details for Workstation Lost and Found" but
nothing is filled in. Why? My workstation that is running the inventory
server shows hardware/software inventory when I go through
Reports/Inventory|Usage, yet it does not have the inventory agents
installed. So I know my server is collecting some inventory, yet not from
clients. We run XPsp2 with the firewall. I have enabled ports 7460 and
7461 and turned off the firewall but still no inventory from clients. Is
there a way to initiate a scan from the client or do I have to schedule it
from the server? Are there any log files I can look through?

That's all for now. Thanks for helping.