ZFD7SP1 / C1 e and f / Sybase DB on Inventory Server

Running the canned reports it seems the reports never finish running.
Blank Page appears and just sits there. If you hit stop after some time
it will populate some of the report but it seems that if you let it run
it just loops and never finishes.

Tried running sybindex at the server console thinking ti was a reindex
issue. It finished really quickly and didn't make a bit of speed
difference. Still not sure if just typing sybindex even does anything
other than display the results screen with no errors.

I also ensured that the updated odbc dll's and registry file from the
ZFD7SP1 disk were applied at the workstation level.
Also this is happening on multiple workstations.

When the reports are running the processor on the server pegs at close
to 100%

Any ideas