As the subject says, inventory information is making it to the inventory
database but the inventory information for the workstation objects in
eDirector (scan data and minimal information) remains blank. If I
"Configure DB" in ConsoleOne I can view the database information by
clicking on "More Workstation Information..." under the properties of
the workstation objects. I can also see the entries for each workstation
object by running an "Inventory Query".

From the server console, STR files are being stored/processed without
error... also confirmed in Inventory Service log (zenworksinvservice-*.log)

On the client side, i'm seeing no errors in ZenErrors.log. The
workstation inventory policy is being located and run without issue and
the inventory data is present in C:\Zenworks. I've enabled debug
logging and i'm seeing a few entries in InvPol.log... "couldn't read
[...] attribute form workstation Inventory Policy".

Thoughts? I searched the knowledgebase/TID's but didn't come up with
anything solid...