I have tried to figure out how to "merge" Information from the software
dictionary and the MIS/ARP database.

The problem is when I run the software installation report I get things like
Vendor: Adobe systems Software Name:Reader Version: 8.0 from the
Dictionary and an entry for Vendor: Adobe Systems Software Name: Adobe
Reader 8 Version: 8 from the MSI/ARP data

In Console 1, properties of the Inventory server Software Inventory Conf tab
--> Aliases I found the database entry that shows up for the MIS and added
the information exactly like it shows in the Dictionary, re-ran the report
and the only change is that in the MSI entry it now shows the source as MSI,
ADD Remove Programs and Software Dictionary, the Software Dictionary entery
is also still there.

Is there a way to tell the report they are one and the same and to only show
the Software Dictionary entry?