Perhaps this is an inventory issue, not an installation
issue. Have no responses to a related post...

Server OS: NW6.5 SP6 - installed from overlay

This server is to be used as a root inventory server with no
workstations attached. The database is Oracle9i release
running on a Solaris server

When installed ZDM7SP1, selected only the root inventory
server (BUDDHA) in Add Servers dialog.

Selected: Desktop Management Database
Inventory Server
Workstation import/removal
Desktop Managmenet Services Snapins

File install was sys:\; the database install for the desktop
management database was on a separate volume zendb:\

Installation was run from a VMware workstation instance to
use the iso without needing to burn a CD. After the install
was completed, copied the local ConsoleOne directory structure
to the main PC to use for production.

Our Oracle DBA ran the scripts needed for Oracle9i; updating the
connection.prop file as described in the Desktop Management Admin

I've connected from my PC using SQLPlus authenticating as MW_DBA
and can select from the tables that were created successfully.

Created InventoryDatabase_BUDDHA object in the same container
where this server was created. Under the ZENWorks Database tab,
have used both the server IP address and it's DNS name, but
the inventory service still reports that it can not connect to
the database. THe JDBC Driver info was set to Oracle & selected
Default Settings as recommended.

I've commented out the desktop management database startup
thinking there may be some type of conflict, but still no luck.

Could always ping the Solaris server from BUDDHA by both name
and IP address, but added into sys:\etc\host file just to be
certain & restarted server.

The errors are consistent - after about 3 minutes of trying, get
the following (from the zenworksinvservice log file):

[2/16/07 09:09:42.500] ZENInv - Server Config: Unable to connect to the

[2/16/07 09:09:47.555] ZENInv - Server Config: Inv Server not configured

properly. Error code: 622
[2/16/07 09:09:47.556] ZENInv - Server Config: Error Type 15 Error 622
[2/16/07 09:09:47.664] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Messages are written

into XML file for DN=CN=Inventory Service_BUDDHA.OU=Services.O=Canisius
[2/16/07 09:09:48.043] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Number of records to add

are: 1 for DN=CN=Inventory Service_BUDDHA.OU=Services.O=Canisius
[2/16/07 09:09:48.316] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Adding record 0 for

DN=CN=Inventory Service_BUDDHA.OU=Services.O=Canisius
[2/16/07 09:09:48.490] ZENInv - Status Reporting: Number of modified

records are: 0 for DN=CN=Inventory Service_BUDDHA.OU=Services.O=Canisius
[2/16/07 09:09:48.491] ZENInv - Server Config: Error Type 15 Error 622

I've created/configured Inventory Service_BUDDHA
Server role is Root Server
Server Status always has a 622: Unable to get information from the

Service Location Package_BUDDHA
Zenworks Inventory enabled; properties for Inventory Management
have Inventory Database_BUDDHA selected; Associations has the
container where all these objects and the server reside (ou=services)

Server Package_BUDDHA has Policies - General - ZENworks database
enabled; properties - Inventory Management - Inventory Database_BUDDHA
is selected. Associations for the package is BUDDHA.Services

Time is in synch with the network; PKIDIAG comes up with no errors.

What am I missing? Should I try a reinstall on the NW65SP6 server?

I have scheduled to install ZDM7 on four other NW65 servers through
next week; these will be leaf servers with workstations.

Where can I look to see what I have configured wrong?