For ZenWorks 7 Inventory, I´m using an Oracle Database on Unix-
system (SLES).
I created a new Instance called "zenworks" with dbca and followed the
instructions of the documentation to create the inventory database.
Everything went fine without errors. But when I start the inventory
service on the Netware (6.5) Server, it claims that the storer couldn´t
store the information because of an DB operation error.
The zenworksinvservice-log shows following error:

[3/30/07 09:02:36.919] ZENInv - Storer: MainThread-1 position:
com.novell.zenworks.desktop.inventory.storer.Datab aseException: ORA-00001:
Verstoá gegen Eindeutigkeit, Regel (MW_DBA.SYS_C002971)

ORA-00001: Unique constraint violation in SYS_C002971.
Why? Oracle Enterprise Manager Console shows all objects as valid.

Hope you can help.
Thanks in advance!