I have a Netware 6.5 environment that had an old server with ZENworks 7
installed on it (barely met minimum requirements). The ZENworks server and
objects were in its own container near the root of my tree. Almost nothing
worked correctly in terms of ZENworks services. It even had a SATA config
that Netware engineers described as, "totally unsupported". (The server was
here before I started working here). The server crashed so often, I finally
removed it from e-directory. Now for my question: There is an object
(Novell+NetWare 6 Server+650) that will not delete, therefore, I cannot
delete the ZENworks container. How do I delete this object? I have tried
using NWAdmin and ConsoleOne but neither would do the trick.

Also, I plan on installing ZENworks on a new server. Is there anything that
I need to look for that could still be referencing the old ZENworks server.
I checked the Security container, DNS settings and a few other places, but
I'm worried about the not so obvious references.