I have exported the inventory database and found a duplicate machine
except for the serial number.
The data is as followes:

Machine Name Serial Number:
412-LIB0-SLIB33 GV38461
412-LIB0-SLIB33 GW38461

I have run the workstation removal using the inventoryremoval.properties
file. When I rollup the str file, the primary databaase shows it processed
the deleted str file successfully.
I then run the data export again and it only shows one entry for this
machine, but it is the wrong machine. The correct machine is serial #
I have physically gone to this machine and verified in the BIOS that this
is the correct serial number. If I run inventory on this machine again, I
get a duplicate again.
I have run the workstation removal twice as well to hopefully get rid of
both machines and then import the correct one, but the wrong machine never
is purged from the database.

Any help is much appreciated.