It seems that the amount of file opens/reads performed by
ZfDInvScanner.exe incurs quite a bit of activity for the real-time av
scanning components. While the inventory process is running the av
components are showing CPU utilization spikes between 40-96%, depending
on system specs, and can keep spiking for 5-10 minutes. This is having
an impact on usability of desktop systems.

Using filemon it looks like ZfDInvScanner.exe is opening/reading ~10000
files/directories during an inventory scan - the bulk of which reference
"C:\Program Files". From testing, excluding "C:\Program Files" from the
real-time scans alleviates the problem significantly... but i'm hesitant
to exclude the entire path re: potential for infection.

Just wondering if others have encountered such behaviour re: the
zenworks inventory/av components and what approach was taken.