I'm looking to support ~70 existing XP clients that are still running
ZENworks 3.2 components with a ZENworks 7 server, at least until we can
get them updated/imaged (the agent installer I deployed failed to
complete on these machines for various reasons). These workstations
already have an object in the tree...

Anyway, everything is going fairly well with my test 3.2 machine with
the exception of inventory - import, DLU, and GPO are all good. For
testing purposes re: inventory I created a "LegacyClients" workstation
package with an inventory policy, set to run "on login", enabled for the
NT-2000-XP platform referencing the ZEN7 inventory service. This package
was associated to my test workstation object and i've confirmed it's in
play as the "effective" policy. The policy appears to run as per the
scheduler but the inventory data never hits the tree - even if I trigger
a "full scan". I also see no sign via the console that a scan for the
workstation was uploaded/stored.

The WSREG32 doesn't yield much info either, aside from a permissions
issues writing the "logged in workstation" to the user object. No errors
re: inventory. I enabled debug logging and in
C:\WINDOWS\temp\ZENERRORS.LOG i'm seeing "Inventory Scanner:[15]:Unable
to launch Inventory Scanner."

I did a bit of reading and understand that inventory scanner for ZEN 3.2
clients actually resides server side (\SYS\PUBLIC\NTSCAN32.EXE) on a
ZENworks 3.2 server. I'm debating on copy this file to the same location
on my ZEN7 server... since it doesn't exist, obviously.