I'm having issues running inventory on these events. Running the
inventory on "User Logout" runs as per the scheduler but the inventory
doesn't seem to be submitted unless the user actually selected "Log
Off". If I set the policy schedule to "System Shutdown" the inventory
never seems to run as per the scheduler and no inventory data is submitted.

My reasoning for testing inventory on these two events backs into a
recent post I made re: real-time av scanning. Having the inventory run
on startup, which is the current schedule (below normal priority),
generates a large number of file opens/reads (>10000). The real-time av
components on each PC must scan each of the files, which consumes too
much CPU time for too long. This results in delays on login that are
gaining visibility...

In short, i'm looking for alternatives to running inventory on system
startup that still allow the a current inventory to be maintained.