I'm doing some testing re: inventory and have two workstations running
XP SP2 and the ZENworks Agent 7.0.0 - one workstation is running client
4.90 SP2 and the other is running 4.91 SP2. I'm logged into both
workstations as the same user. During my testing, I noticed that the
4.90 SP2 workstation often completed the inventory (h/w only) *much*
faster then the other workstation. I then discovered that inventory was
not being stored consistently for the 4.90 SP2 workstation (eg: the
inventory policy would run and finish client side but no scanner
activity was reported via C1). I enabled debug logging on both clients
and noted the following at the end of the log:

06/14/2007 12:27:04 ZENNetModifyObjectAttributes() failed to remove NDS
attrs!!. (Error Code:0xFFFFFD60)06/14/2007 12:27:04
ZENNetModifyObjectAttributes() failed to update zeninvScanLog!

This error does not appear for the 4.91 SP2 workstation, which appears
to consistently submit inventory data without issue.

I've done some searching but have come up empty handed so far. The error
persists on the 4.90 SP2 workstation after I zwsreg -unreg, delete the
wks object then zwsreg. According to eDir, the workstation has compare,
read, write, add self and supervisor rights for this attribute.