We were running ZFD 6.5 SP2 and inventory worked fine. Upgraded to ZFD 7
and then 7 SP1 and the inventory did not work on either upgrade. I
received database is empty errors. After many hours we decided to wipe
out our zenworks server and start over. Blew everything away on the
server reinstalled Netware 6.5 SP6 and then installed ZFD 7 SP1. I
reassociated my policies and the received the error below:
The configured database is not a compatible database. You are trying to
access the later version of the Zenworks database.

I then deleted my policies and recreated. Now when I attempt to launch
the inventory I receive the message that I must first configure the

When I attempt to configure the database I receive this error:
Database Service Name Information is not found. Ensure DB properties are
set properly.

I am unsure what else to do except start all over again.

Any Ideas?