I've previously had a test install of ZDM Inventory on an OES server
using a local Sybase database, but now need to reconfigure it to talk to
an Oracle 10gR2 db on an external server run by our db people.

They've stepped through the instructions in the ZDM admin manual (p957)
up to the point where they say I must perform the following:

18a On the Inventory Server machine, Specify the JDBC connection
settings in the zenworks_directory\inv\server\wminv\properties\
connection.prop file to connect to the Oracle database. You can
do this by copying the template property settings for Oracle
specified in the comments section in the connection.prop
file. Specify the IP address, port number, and Database SID in the
JDBC URL string that matches your Oracle server configuration.

18b At the server prompt, enter AddEnums
directory_name_containing_connection.prop. If your Inventory
server is running on a Windows machine, run the above command from

Now apart from the fact that the instructions all refer to "\" path
seperators, with ZDM installed on the OES server in
/opt/novell/zenworks, the directory .../inv/server/wminv/properties does
not exist! All I've got in .../inv/server is a single directory

Do I have to create the entire directory structure manually of
/opt/novell/zenworks/inv/server/wminv ?

Do I have to create the file "connection.prop" manually?

Where is the "the template" that I'm supposed to be able to copy from?