I did an update from zenworks 6.5 Sp1 to zenworks 7 SP1 in my test
enviroment. Installation works fine with no errors. If I start the
inventory service with startinv I get the error unable to connect to
The database is oracle 9.2.07 on a unix system. Prior the update the
inventory service works fine with oracle 8.1.7.
If I use consoleone I can make a connect to the database. The query is
In the attachment you can see my settings for the inventory object.
I think something must be wrong with my Netware Server 6.5 SP6.
The firewall is open on all ports between the netware server and the
database server.

|Filename: zen7sp1.zip |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=124|