>>On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 14:37:16 GMT, wrote:
>>>I have Zen7 installed on OES Linux: upon (win)workstation import I receive
>>>the following: Zenworks returned the following error code: 500, I've
>>>searched TID and all of Novell support to no avail. Thank you in advance
>>>for your input.

>>in which errolog do you see that message?
>>Marcus Breiden
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> I see this while at a command prompt and manually typing:
> zwsreg -importserver
> I manually set the <HLCM>, <software>, <novell>, <zenworks>, <importserver>
> settings in the registry and now I get:
> Zenworks returned the following error code: 2

Can you try to enable debug logging on the client.

Explains the 6.5 version should be the same for 7.

Then see if it is more descriptive of the issue.

There should be a server side log if the communication is actually
getting to the server, not sure where it is in linux though will check
and get back to you.

Best Regards

Chris Callanan

Novell Technical Support

Sydney Australia