We ran into the same problem.
The configuration we used:
ZfD 7 on a OES SP1, Linux machine.
All ZfD 7 services installed and running, less Inventory Proxy service.
Middle Tier installed and running on the same box.

Workstations were not getting imported into eDirectory;
running ZWSREG to manually import the workstation returned
Error code 2 and sometimes Error code 500 or Error code 10012.

Didn't find any TIDs that could help.

After many hours of frustration, we noticed that
workstations were getting imported if running ZWSREG
immediately after restarting the import service on the Linux box.
Twice :-)

So, the procedure we followed was:
-restart the import service

At this point, the workstation object was created in eDirectory, although
ZWSREG still
returned the error code 2.
The associated policies weren't getting applied, however.

After another restart of the import service followed by a quick ZWSREG, we
finally got
the message "Successfully imported......."

Our guess is that the service crashes shortly after it starts.
The second time, it sees that the wks object already exists and only
updates it with the missing attributes.

This is a serious bug, hopefully Novell will release a patch soon...

> > On Sat, 10 Sep 2005 14:37:16 GMT, Jones_L@comcast.net wrote:
> >
> > > I have Zen7 installed on OES Linux: upon (win)workstation import I

> > > the following: Zenworks returned the following error code: 500, I've
> > > searched TID and all of Novell support to no avail. Thank you in advance
> > > for your input.

> >
> > in which errolog do you see that message?
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> I see this while at a command prompt and manually typing:
> zwsreg -importserver
> I manually set the <HLCM>, <software>, <novell>, <zenworks>, <importserver>
> settings in the registry and now I get:
> Zenworks returned the following error code: 2