More info on this issue: The profiles seem to get written to the home
directories only sometimes. I created a test user and after trying
logout, restart, and shutdown still have no profile saved in the home
directory. The nalrestart service is running and I have tried the
policy edit for allow cross-forest policies. Nothing is working.

Tom Teska

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 16:30:46 GMT, Tom Teska
<> wrote:

>I am having the following problem with roaming profiles: On Windows XP
>sp2 workstations (all except 3) with Zenworks 7.0 the profile is never
>copied down from the network to the workstation. Instead a new default
>profile is created everytime a user logs in. The ntuser.dat file shows
>in use even when a new is created (the ntuser.dat in
>the old profile folder is still in use.)
>I have tried nalrestart, uphclean, re-registering the gptext.dll file
>as I am getting a 1085 event in the log that states that client-side
>scripts are not running. I also tried setting the cache to 150 days as
>per a previous discussion. All to no avail.
>The only, even wierder, thing is that if I login as admin on any
>workstation it works. The problem seems to be user based as well as
>machine based.
>I have roaming profiles enabled in Zen for the one Organization in the
>tree. the user environment settings are correct for tree and home
>directory. Any help would be appreciated.
>Tom Teska