I have a situation where SOME workstation objects are being recreated after
their location has been changed in eDir.
I have a single ZDM7 server, with a single import policy to
The workstations are then manually moved (ConsoleOne) into departmental sub
containers (e.g. OU=dept.OU=Workstations.O=org)

Most workstations sync their new Workstation Object into the registry and
work fine...
Some just recreate the ws object in the OU=Workstations container.

I have enabled debug logging on the wsimport service and can see the
requests. The OK ones come in with a <find_ws> tag, whereas the problem
machine always request <new_ws>...?
It therefore looks like it could be an issue with the workstation side of
the registration process - it seems to decide that it will request a new_ws
instead of trying to find an existing...

It looks like the 'Workstation ID' is some sort of guid and this appears to
have changed on the workstations that get recreated..

Is the Workstation ID used to query eDir for existing workstations?
Is the 'Workstation ID' generated by the workstation?
Is the IP address of the workstation used in the algorithm? (I've noticed
that a couple of the machine seem to give themselves an MS self assigned IP
(169...) prior to getting a 'real' address from DHCP...)

Hope someone can help!
Regards and thanks